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Easigrass Easi-Knightsbridge | The Sussex Artificial Grass Company


This is our cheaper luxury high quality Easigrass™ Artificial Grass product, a clear favourite with customers who keep animals as the pile is shorter and will be kind to delicate paws. It looks and feels like a well mowed surface.  One very impressive artificial grass product.
25.99/m2 plus VAT

Easigrass Easi-Kensington | The Sussex Artificial Grass Company

Easi-Kensington (C-Yarn)

This Easigrass™ Artificial Grass product has been developed with a recent breakthrough in technology for high footfall garden and leisure areas.  It is designed to require less brushing and maintenance, and has an authentic look thanks to the dead grass infill yarns.
£26.99/m2 plus VAT

Super soft artificial grass Easigrass Easi-Chelsea | The Sussex Artificial Grass Company

Easi-Chelsea (Super-Soft)

We believe this is the softest Artificial Grass product across Europe and quite possibly the whole World! Just ask us for a free sample of Easi-Chelsea Super Soft to really see how soft it really is! Made with a specialist yarn we have developed the Easi-Chelsea Super Soft, which is great for, terraces, balconies and areas with low to medium footfall.
£29.99/m2 plus VAT

Easigrass Easi-Holland Park | The Sussex Artificial Grass Company

Easi-Holland Park

The strongest and most durable grass in the Easigrass™ Artificial Grass collection. Designed for heavy traffic commercial areas, perfect for schools, nurseries, colleges and universities.  This product will outlast and out-perform any other standard domestic grass offered by other companies.
£29.99/m2 plus VAT

DIY Fake Lawns | Easigrass Easi-Belgravia | The Sussex Artificial Grass Company


This Easigrass™ Artificial Grass product was voted one of the softest artificial grasses available in the market today!. Easi-Belgravia is an absolutely fantastic product and remains very popular choice with our customers.
£32.99/m2 plus VAT

Easigrass Easi-Mayfair | The Sussex Artificial Grass Company


This is our top of the range, award winning, high quality Easigrass™ Artificial Grass product, requiring virtually no maintenance nor excessive infilling. Made with ground breaking technology, it is made with a specialist V shape yarn for more hard wearing and resilient grass. The ideal product for children, pets and high footfall areas.
£34.99/m2 plus VAT

Easigrass Easi-Wentworth | The Sussex Artificial Grass Company

Easi-Wentworth (for golf)

The Easi-Wentworth is a professional golfing Easigrass™ product. This can be installed within back gardens for a mini golfing experience.  Now you will be able to brush up on your putting without leaving the house!
£31.99/m2 plus VAT

Easi Shockpad | The Sussex Artificial Grass Company

Easi-Shockpad (underneath grass layer)

Our Easi-shockpad has been tested and approved to offer the following critical fall measurements, meaning that it offers a safe landing if falling from play equipment or similar.   Of course some falls can still result in injury, but our 25-45mm shockpad means injury is less likely.
£11.99-26.99/m2 plus VAT, various thicknesses available

Ancillary Products for DIY Installation

If you choose supply-only for your Easigrass, and wish to install the product yourself we offer the opportunity to purchase various ancillary products including Easigrass Glue, Seaming Tape, Weed Barrier and Silica Sand infill.  Enquire for details.

All the Easigrass products plus their ancillary products are available to purchase for DIY installations. If you would like us to install your artificial grass, please use the form on our contact page to get in touch.

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